Allow Natural Death

Allowing Natural Death...

…is a plan for life’s end which seeks to provide comfort and dignity above all else
…acknowledges that death is the inevitable result of the aging process
…supports a kinder and gentler way to die
…relies less on medicine, technology and hospitalizations and more on the relief of pain and discomfort
…is helpful language to use in shared decision making for elders as they speak about their desired death
…is not the same as Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders
…must be negotiated with families and providers who agree to honor the wishes of the elder person for a good death
…chooses to maintain the loved one’s quality of life even when it means that death will come sooner
…is not euthanasia
…does not rule out the use of substances that bring comfort

More than anything else Allowing Natural Death requires courage and love that can take us to the places that scare us most – so that we are able to enjoy each precious day that we are given in this life.

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Can’t stop talking about Death Cafe

My greatest joy comes from seeing how contented folks are after Death Cafe. That causes me to believe that the act of speaking on these topics has been easy and comfortable. Hopefully folks take that positivity to the next conversations they have about death. And that will fulfill my hopes that by gaining ease in speaking about death we will be able to tell our loved ones and health care providers what care we DON’T want at the end. We will be able to avoid prolonged suffering and get closer to the “good death” that 80% of Americans say they want – but that only 20% actually achieve since our end of life care is dictated by our hospitals and providers…not by us and our loved ones.