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If you find yourself here….

If you find yourself here, it is likely that you are struggling with some of the many dilemmas that arise as the end of a long life draws nearer. I too have struggled with those dilemmas as they present themselves for attention in a hospital, nursing facility or nursing home, when I was a nurse who worked in these institutions. What I know now is that these institutions try hard to do the right things, but it is just not possible for them to provide the sort of peaceful, dignified, and comfortable death that most of us want. If you feel it is time for you to leave this life it is probably a bad idea to go to a hospital or even to call an ambulance. Seek the help of a hospice near you. They are the experts in dying peacefully and comfortably.

If you find yourself here, then it may be you have some specific question about the care of a loved one. There is much written in the posts here. Unfortunately,  they were written as a blog; as they occurred to me on any particular day. If you send an e-mail  I may be able to find the answer for you. It is also possible to schedule a phone or skype consultation.

This material needs and deserves a book; Allowing Natural Death: A Handbook for Frail Elders and Those Who Love Them. That will be its title. It is just waiting for me to set myself in that direction. One day. Soon. After I have time to reframe  the suffering I saw while working more than 25 years with frail elders at the end of life.

Until that time – Thank you for visiting this site. Contact me for further assistance. And most importantly have….

Courage My Love