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Webinar, Classroom, and Death Cafe

I recently had the opportunity to speak with groups of folks with an interest in death and dying – a group of geriatric care managers and a college class of young folks pursuing careers in  health care. To both of these groups I say “Thanks so much for allowing me to plant seeds for the elders you know, and will come to know, as we all go forward in this life. I am certain that you will be listening in a different way to their needs and wishes. I know this is not easy for any of us.”
And last week I attended my first Death Cafe in Rutland,Vermont. ( I loved it of course. We split into three groups of 6 or 7 and discussed just about anything about death that we wanted to. Apparently, I am a disruptive element since our group was the only that did a lot of laughing. I know it is extremely hard to talk about death for many folks,  but it really is permissible to smile a bit and even laugh at the absurdity of our common experience. I want to believe that somehow humor may make it a little easier to go to the scary places and make them a tiny bit less scary because we have said the words”death and die” right out loud.
More Death Cafe please.