Allow Natural Death

Not a Big Fat Liar

Facebook emailed me to tell me that fans of my page (Allow Natural Death) would like me to post something. I wondered how that could happen. I say it can’t – so that means that facebook is a big fat liar. But I don’t want to be a big fat liar. I want to do what I have said I would do for a long enough time – the book – Allowing Natural Death: A Handbook for Frail Elders and Those Who Love Them.What’s different this time? I feel ready.Things are falling nicely into place to make it happen. A couple articles for a SW compilation in End of Life Studies are on order for Mid-February. One is on The Death Cafe Movement, the other, Allow Natural Death. Fun. I’m serious. It will be fun and I look forward to it. So if the article writing is step ONE then reading all I have blogged about here is step TWO – more than 70,000 words that helped me to adjust my thinking after much time spent on the front lines of healthcare.
Is there a community out there who would like to push me along on forwarding this agenda?
We need to wrestle control of this part of our lives back from the medical community that has robbed us of proper good-byes…and so much more.
For many years I said that this is work that will not let me go. What I saw during nearly 20 years working where we care for frail elders in our country was harmful to me. And it surely didn’t seem to be making others feel very good either. It became horrifying to me to see that we were hurting people, hourly, in our efforts to maintain “life” in order to return them to awful place to “live” out the final days,weeks, and months of their lives. People suffer. They do not choose it. It made no sense. Maybe it is possible to stop some of that.
I’m ready.
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Malcolm says, “don’t be a Big Fat Liar.”

I say, “I’ll try not to.”