Allow Natural Death


Robin Gordon Taft is a passionate speaker, writer and advocate for frail elders and their families. She has been looking, listening and learning on the front lines of healthcare for more than 25years. While lengthening the lives of elders we have seemed to perpetrate care on many who would decline intervention when the burden of this life has come to outweigh the benefit. We don’t speak of the bigger questions of when a person may feel ready to …allow natural death.

Increased medical management has overlooked the desire of most patients to experience comfort and peace at the end of life. The increasing complexity of  health care systems that struggle to provide care to frail elders has brought about her interest in Allowing Natural Death (AND). She finds hope that these words may decrease the suffering that is needlessly perpetrated on dying elders who seek a way of death that is vastly different from that found in most American health care institutions.

Ms. Taft is a former Registered Nurse with more than twenty years spent in academic medical centers and long term care facilities in the Northeast, United States. She holds a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management at Antioch University New England. In 2010 she brought her message to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Conference. She was awarded an Honorable Mention for the Dorland Health People Award article that called her work “innovative”.



*****UPDATE March of 2017

My own journey has felt difficult for the past few years. Becoming disabled, ongoing health challenges, my father’s death and my mother’s frailty; all have conspired to break me. Renovations are currently underway with no known completion date. I am currently keeping my focus on matters close to home. Writing a little. Speaking a little. Promoting and hosting Death Cafes. In the Fall of 2017 a chapter I authored will be included in a graduate text for Social Workers studying Death and Dying at the University of Toronto. Last week I was interviewed for a possible book re: Vermont’s Death with Dignity Law. (In truth, I spoke little of it and launched into my own talk of frail elders at the end of life.)


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