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Being a Son on Mother’s Day

As a first son, I tend to think a lot about duty.  I’ve heard there’s some fairly convincing studies out there that prove this is a birth order thing.  Regardless of the explanation, though, I’ve clearly got a good case of feeling my responsibilities.  This can get a bit heavy, as you’d imagine.  That said, I’m a bit proud that my stodgy old self has come up with a whimsical way to do my Sonly Duty this Mothers Day.  I hijacked her blog.  Pretty clever, eh?

I love getting on here and reading it.  The little shout-outs to me don’t exactly hurt the ego, either.  As she reaches into her own life for relevant material I hear anecdotes and reflections I never knew before about my own mother.  It’s a pretty win/win situation all around.

On the subject of motherhood specifically, one tends to take one’s mother pretty much as a constant in life.  How could we not?  We can intellectually appreciate the fact that there are other mothers out there who are different than ours, but we will never truly experience it.  So no matter how hard we might try (for purely intellectual purposes, I assure you) we can’t really understand what it would be like not to have parents who are exactly like the ones we have. 

This means that all my life I’ve been not just comfortable with difficult emotional topics, I’ve been actively attracted to conversations about them.  If you read the blog, you know my Mom.  She’s exactly that heavy and deep, but surprisingly light and humorous about these issues whose magnitude dwarfs our individual lives.  It’s been quite the trip, Mother Dear. ; )  Happy Mom’s Day.


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